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Green Smoothie with Nettles

General Posts, Raw, Recipes

Yes, fresh nettles (Urtica dioica) sting. The sting I got the other day felt like a bee sting. The sting is from a chemical made by the plant, not from a pricker, so if you cook it, blend it or dry it you’re safe.

Young stinging nettles

Young stinging nettles

I gathered some nettles the other day, and put some into a delicious green smoothie (recipe below) and the rest I dried to use as tea.

In my first pot of nettle tea (delicious!) the nettle looked so good and bright green when it reconstituted, that I chopped it up and made a miso soup with it! It was sooo good. Next time I’ll have to remember to take pictures of that.

Here is the green smoothie, which is actually purple due to blueberries:

Green smoothie with nettles...it's actually purple because of the blueberries

Green smoothie with nettles...it's actually purple because of the blueberries

Green Smoothie with Nettles

    2 bananas
    1 cup frozen mangoes
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries
    handful (a careful handful…don’t get stung!) fresh nettles
    2 cups water

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

We use the vitamix for our green smoothies…if you don’t know about this blender, please check out our video about it…and you’ll also find a coupon for free shipping on this page.

Thanks, and enjoy the spring!

~ Melissa Sokulski
Food Under Foot
Birch Center for Health

  • Heather

    I just have a regulare magic bullet blender, I am wondering if it is okay to throw the nettles in completely raw, will the sting still be present?

  • I can't guarantee that it won't (I'm not totally familiar with that blender) but I think if it blends up well enough it won't sting. The nettle juice is an antidote to the sting, and you will have plenty of juice in your smoothie at least! Let me know how it goes.

  • What great smoothie recipes, as well as your story as to how you came to appreciate them. What kind of raw food blender do you use?


  • Thanks so much! We use a vitamix blender...on this website you can see a video of me using it and also get a coupon for free shipping:
    We love ours!
    Thanks again,

  • Adam H.

    Hey Melissa,

    I've been so interested in finding nettles around Pittsburgh, but have no experience in doing so yet. Where is the best place to find them?

    I use dried nettles all the time, but of course fresh must be better! Hope you can point them out on the next walk!

    Also, when will the Japanese Knotweed be coming up??


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