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Blender Review and Recommendation - Vita-Mix

Almost everyone has had a blender for making drinks, and if you’re lucky it even chopped ice for a Pina Colada or frozen slushy.   The common blenders that we’ve had, however ran into trouble with ice and frozen fruits, doing a satisfactory job at times but always struggling.

Nothing like the ones you see at the smoothie places that make quick work of everything tossed its way.  This is the type of Blender we needed, able to handle all types of Wild Edibles.   Melissa eats Raw Food so the blender had to make Green Smoothies (smoothie containing fresh greens, and in our case Wild Edible Green Smoothie), prepare batters for organic Raw Food recipes, and could be upgraded to preparing whole grain and gluten-free flours for organic home made bake goods and breads if needed.

When we set out to find a blender, we didn’t want a good blender, we wanted a Great Blender.  One that was the last blender we would ever need.  One that you can not outgrow.  One that was easy to use, fast, effective and did it all.  We were looking for the Impossible.   And we found it.  (Our Readers Get FREE Shipping)

The Vita-Mix.  (FoodUnderFoot.com readers save $25 on the Vitamix Blender.  You must use Vitamix Coupon below.)

The impossible it turns out, was an undershot.   What we found isn’t just a Great Blender, it’s a Great Juicer, Green Smoothie maker, Grain Grinder, homemade Ice Cream Maker and Soup Cooker.  That’s right, this blender is so powerful that it Cooks, literally.  Just add soup ingredients and let it run on high for about 5 minutes.   The friction from the blades is enough to heat up and cook the soup!

If you are a Raw Foodist, you have to be mindful of this power so as to not let your ingredients heat up greater than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.   Does that mean it’s not a good blender for the Raw Foodist?   Just the opposite.

It’s great for the Raw Food community and the Whole Food community and any health conscience consumer.  The blades and machine are powerful enough to crush the cell walls of plants which, according to the manufacturer  releases the nutrients in a way that chewing can not.  I’ve seen a demonstration of the Vitamix pulverizing the pit of an avocado into a powder;  the raw food community seeks the avocado pit for cancer fighting properties.

But we didn’t get one to crush avocado pits.  We love it because it can:

  • Make Wild Edible Smoothies and Green Smoothies easily from Greens, Flowers, Berries, Fruits and all.  It’s a simple way to incorporate a handful of varied Wild Edibles into one well rounded nutritious, mineral rich and healing smoothie.
  • Grind your own grains.  Imagine fresh Whole wheat from wheat berries, no additives. Gluten free grains at a fraction of the cost.  (NOTE: To do this, you need to get the dry blade, which is an upgrade to the Vitamix Super 5200)
  • Grind dried roots into a flour or a medicinal herbal coffee substitute (Dandelion, Chicory, Burdock)
  • Make Wild Edible Batters for Raw Food Cookies or Baked Pastries.
  • Make Wild Edible Sorbets.  This is a simple and exciting way to introduce Wild Edible, fruits and vegetables to children.  Just use frozen fruits, and your choice of other edible and you get a frozen sorbet desert.

The one we found, Vita-Mix does all this without any problem.

It has a Low Speed, High Speed and a Variable Speed.  The Variable speed is the best feature and allows you to make a smooth smoothie or a chunky cookie dough.

This is not intended to be a sales page, but I guess in my excitement, it’s sounding like it.  Since you asked for a recommendation I’ll mention a few more points that made a big difference to me:

  • BPA-free Container.   The company announced in late April 2008 that the container is now made from a BPA-free material.
  • The offer a 7 year warranty
  • They have a 30 day money back guarantee

This blender is not cheap, but that’s because it’s not cheap.   But with all it can do, the 7-year warranty and how well it works, we got one.

We recommend you buy Vita-mix online right from the company — you get the product directly from the factory.  They also include a Getting Started Guide, DVD and a recipe book with 400 whole food recipes.

Here’s another SECRET:  They have a 3 Part payment plan which breaks up the total into 3 payments over 3 months, so you end up paying $150 per payment or so (call them for details, phone number below).

You can order directly from the company and get FREE SHIPPING ($25 value)  if you order as a member of the Food Under Foot family. To do this, simply click on the following link:

Vitamix Free Shipping

** SPECIAL NOTE: In order to get FREE SHIPPING (saving you $25) MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE COUPON CODE 06-003463 ON THE FORM!

It should enter it automatically, but it DOESN’T ALWAYS DO THIS (problem with the Vitamix Site).

If you don’t see the CODE 06-003463 on the Shopping Cart Page, Enter it in the box or call the number below to order.

If you want to break it price into 3 payments, you NEED to call them (not available online):

phone:  800-848-2649

COUPON CODE  06-003463

** If you forget the coupon code, they WILL charge you $25 shipping!!

  • Thanks for the detail review. I will buy this!

  • Name

    I love love LOVE your video on this. It's super helpful to hear from a real person, rather than the Vita-mix website videos (which are impressive, to be sure, but leave the viewer a little skeptical). And I think you added value to the product for me, with the nut bag demo for juice and the discussion of how the tamper can't reach the blades, and your washing discussion. Vita-mix should give you a commission! ;)

    Rock on.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
    ~ Melissa

  • Thanks so much for the feedback.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
    ~ Melissa

  • Name

    Love this. Thanks for your enthusiasm. I'm buying mine tonight.

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