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    Wild Plant Ally Workbook Cover
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Wild Plant Ally Workbook

Wild Plant Ally Workbook Cover

We are excited by the response to FoodUnderFoot.com.   When the Wild Edible Series was met with cries for “More!” from the rapidly growing Food Under Foot Family, we asked you to tell us what you wanted.   And you did.

So Melissa, David and I began planning several projects.  We decided to start with the question that Melissa is most frequently asked:

“How do I get started?”

She recommends people do what she did as an apprentice herbalist –  a simple yet profoundly effective technique that plunged her intimately into the natural world.   What did she do?

She found her

Wild Plant Ally.

The Ally is a plant with which you join forces, studying it throughout its life cycle,  appreciating all its parts and uses.   Your Ally teaches you how to observe, examine and learn about the natural world.

Melissa has laid out in great detail how to choose an Ally of your own, how to learn from it and how to enter more deeply in the natural world.

This book is a Workbook.  You learn by DOING.

The Wild Plant Ally Workbook teaches you how to learn about wild edible plants.

Wild Plant Ally Sample Intro

Click ABOVE PICTURE for SAMPLE of Workbook

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It is not a resource book.   You learn how to learn. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of blank spaces, that will soon be filled with your work, with what you learn. You’ll create the content.  And with this workbook as a template, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert yourself.

Besides teaching you the technique Melissa uses to study new Edible Plants, there is information in the workbook on making tinctures, vinegars, oils and salves.

“I know you will enjoy this journey.  A new world is about to open up to you, whether you have studied plants before or this is your first foray into the natural world.  When you follow one plant as deeply as you will in this book, you can not help but be transported…”  -Melissa Sokulski from Wild Plant Ally Workbook

We are now making Melissa Sokulski’s Wild Ally Workbook available to our burgeoning Food Under Foot Family!

Our family has grown, and grows fast, now in the thousands.   And with it, our costs grow fast — from maintaining web hosting to newsletter creation, and we hope to bringing on a web designer (we’ve been doing it all ourselves).

We are offering Melissa’s new workbook, Wild Plant Ally, at a price you decide!

So far we’ve tried to keep everything on the site free as we believe in sharing information.   To balance this ethic with costs that grow as our Food Under Foot Family grows, we are going to try something somewhat unorthodox.    We are offering Melissa’s new workbook, Wild Plant Ally, at a price you decide!

Please pay only what you feel comfortable paying.   The shopping cart lists a suggested price of $7.95.

If that’s too much,  type in what you can afford (there is MINIMUM or 99 cents, $0.99).

If you’re feeling generous and would like to pay more, that’s great — you’ll help cover those that can only afford to pay less — you have our sincere appreciation (and maybe Karma’s too).

Wild Plant Ally Workbook Cover

Add to Cart

To get Melissa’s newest workbook now, just click the ADD TO CART button .

You will be taken to a page that has a SHOPPING CART.

There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Just let us know, and get you’re money back.

Thank you, enjoy and as always, take care.


Wild Plant Ally Workbook Cover

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  • Melissa, I live in a small town in Wisconsin, Viroqua. A group of us here are actively "fighting" our local City Hall over their Weed Ordinance. I LOVE wild edibles! I am finding it very difficult to reason with people, in regards to the benefits of MANY "weeds". Thank you for your work. I will incorporate it into our presentation to the Board in an effort to modify the 1971 "Noxious Weeds" list. Do you have any suggestions? Taryn

  • Peaceoutreach Ca

    I like to use colts foot because I want to study further in it in camping and in Quebec and Maine usa colts foot were where I lived I used to walk in places there and here In Quebec  there grows in camping where it is a wooded area . yright now the leaves are small the flowers has blossomed like  the dandy Lion has. so I will further go on there and re study it so I can use it for purpose of a cold.

  • Jody Milholland

    I just downloaded and copied your book! I am sooo excited to get started. I might even see if Tim wants to do it too as part of his science. thank you so much!

  • You're welcome! Thanks so much for your support Jody!
    Let me know how it goes.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful blessed offering, Melissa! I just ordered and have saved it to my computer -- and cannot wait to get to work on it with my Herbal Ally studies, "WILD" INDEED!!! I hope you don't mind, I posted a link to your site here at my Blogger 'A Practical Year In Herbalism with Goldenrod' in hopes to draw some more who may stop by my site over here for you!

    HUGS XO,
    ~Shamanic Winds )O(

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